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hello! here, you will find introductions and q+a from contributors of everyday polaroid. this section is continually updated, so check back now and then. thank you.



lives in Sydney, Australia.
i heart the polaroid because of the magic light that only a polaroid can

amandafavourite day of the week: saturday. i wonder if anyone ever answers
monday to that question? favourite town or city: i imagine it will be montmartre, paris. as soon as i get there, of course. favourite breakfast: poppy seed bagel covered in gooey, drippy butter and a glass of cold orange juice- pulp free. stripes or dots: definitely dots. i’ve had to ban myself from buying anymore dotty clothes. i never obey my ban however.

you can visit amanda at her blog, photoblog and see more of her photos here.


hello! i live in sydney, australia but hail from a tear drop shaped country filled with beauty and wonder. i am inspired by cooking and sharing dishes at a table, from family and friendships and by simplicity and purposefulness. those last two, is for me what a polaroid photograph is all about: a simple interpretation of a setting or moment. for me, it has a simple charm in that once captured has a single purpose. i am currently revisiting those first heady days of working with a polaroid camera and by starting this project, am happy to have a quiet space to share with others.

deborah favorite day of the week: sunday, for the sheer reason that sunday mornings we take the time to read the saturday paper and watch the political news programs. it is when there there are many cups of coffee and we mostly make do with breakfast. there is no sense of urgency. generally, i prefer to keep my sundays simple, but it’s not always the case. favorite town or city: it will always be new york city for the sense of adventure and ease i felt when i travelled there a few years ago. right now, i am thinking a lot about my time in paris and how wonderfilled i felt when walking from place to place even though my legs were weary. favorite breakfast: a sri lankan hopper breakfast. although i would not pass up a plate of waffles or smoked salmon and creamy scrambled eggs either. stripes or dots: i always thought i was a dots kind of girl, but deep down stripes do it for me. a combination of thin and thick, preferably royal blue against white.

you can visit deborah at ddot and see more of her polaroids.

jen a

i am currently residing in the Midwest but am in process of moving my family to Rome, Italy – just for fun. i grew up with polaroids – i don’t remember the cameras as much as i do the photos – those perfect little images stacked in piles all over the house; in boxes, on kitchen shelves. i rediscovered my love for the medium about two years ago but only started shooting religiously within the last year when i acquired my SX-70 and 680. it is an addiction and what moves me most is the light – there is not another type of film that creates such a softness – such a dream out of the reality that we see – it seems to make everything so beautiful and full of love.

jen altman favorite day of the week: i love sundays – we tend to sleep a lot on sundays, i like sleep – a lot. favorite city/town: i happen to be utterly smitten with rome – i love the dusty, archaic imperfection of it all. favorite breakfast: every morning i love my ciabatta’s with butter and jam and thick slices of a rich irish cheddar with cappuccino. but my single favorite breakfast experience has to be the eggs benedict with avocado hollandaise at the Parkhouse Eatery in San Diego. stripes or dots? while i love a good nautical stipe, i will have to go with dots – they are just – what is the word? adorable.

you can visit jen at nectar & light, her website and see more of her polaroids.

jen g

i live in highland park, california; a suburb of los angeles. i have always, always loved polaroids. i used to take them when i was really young. it was so magical to watch the image appear in the little square. instant gratification at its best. i started really getting back into it about 5 years ago when i was introduced to the 680 slr. it is such a brilliant camera. it makes everything look like art, and it is one of just a few things that brings me pure joy.

jen gotchfavorite day of the week: sunday – – the benefit of freelance is that sundays can really be enjoyed, since they don’t always mean the end of the weekend. favorite town or city: i don’t think i could pick just one. there are so many places that i love. i really love where we live and really, really love palm springs. i also love las vegas (cheesy, i know, but i just can’t help it. i think neon lights soothe my brain), new york and melbourne. i plan to add paris to the list, i just haven’t been yet. favorite breakfast: very tough question, seeing as it depends on my mood and the mood of my taste buds. if i had to pick just one i would say a belgian waffle (crispy but not burned) bacon (extra crispy and a little burned) and a cappuccino with thick foam (the kind that holds the sugar for about 30 seconds before it disappears into the cup) stripes or dots: DOTS! Dots rule!

you can visit jen at my polaroid blog, becoming a foodie, her website and more polaroids.


location: berlin, germany
polaroid love: instant gratification and an unmistakeable look

mathiasfavorite day of the week: every day, because every day holds a new surprise and fresh challenges. favorite town: byron bay, australia. favorite brekkie: croissant and a vanilla-strawberry brulee tart with a latte at bourke street bakery, sydney dots or stripes? stripes!

you can visit mathias at paperplanes and see more of his polaroids.

your favourite day of the week: any good day. your favourite town or city: berlin. your favourite breakfast: fruit, berries, orange juice, tea, scrambled eggs, yogurt, cheese. stripes or dots: dots.


Hi there. I live in Seattle, Washington, and I am pretty new to Polaroid. I shoot with a Spectra that I bought for next to nothing from an old guy at a camera store, and the two of us – me and the Spectra, not the old guy – are desperately in love. (Though the old guy was very nice too.) I can’t get enough of that feeling that comes when you push the button, the prickly sense of wonder and anticipation at what could, if you’re lucky, take shape inside that little square.

mollyyour favorite day of the week: Saturday. It’s the first day of the weekend, so I still feel as though I have plenty of time to do whatever I want to do, but there’s none of the “tomorrow is Monday, bleh” dread that can come with Sunday. your favourite city: As a kid, I always thought I would live in San Francisco, so it sort of surprises me now to say that Seattle feels much more “me.” I love it here. I also love Paris, though. No city moves me quite like it does. your favorite breakfast: I’m a cold cereal kind of girl. My favorite breakfast is the one I have every morning: my own homemade granola with almonds, coconut, and bits of chocolate. Topped with either milk or soy milk. Or sometimes plain yogurt. stripes or dots: Stripes! Stripes! (And horizontal, please.)

you can visit molly at her blog and see more of her photos.


gothenburg, sweden

polaroids are the best, you can’t fake them.

sandrayour favourite day of the week: any good day. your favourite town or city: berlin. your favourite breakfast: fruit, berries, orange juice, tea, scrambled eggs, yogurt, cheese. stripes or dots: dots.

you can visit sandra at smosch, her website and see more of her polaroids.

I always thought of Polaroid photography as holiday and party shots but have started seeing it in a new light through the acquisition of SLR680 and SX-70. Rather crushed to hear about Polaroid’s decision to stop manufacturing instant film, but I’m just trying to enjoy every moment (and not counting how many boxes I have left in my stockpile). London, the city I live in now, is often the subject of my photographs but I am originally from Singapore.
tommyyour favourite day of the week: When I was in school, Saturday used to be my favourite because there is Sunday to look forward to. Nowadays it doesn’t matter that much. Any day can be a good day.your favourite town or city: New York City. I didn’t understand why people were always making a big fuss about NYC but after I visited it for the first time, it all made sense. I love the energy of the place. your favourite breakfast: I’m going to cheat and say breakfast in Singapore because you can get anything from all-American pancakes and bacon to local favourites like nasi lemak, congee paired with deep fried crullers, roti prata and half-boiled eggs with kaya toast. What can I say? Breakfast is my favourite meal. stripes or dots: Cruel question, I can’t decide. Love them both.

you can visit tommy at her blog and she more of her polaroids.


Written by deborah

April 7, 2008 at 8:07 am

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  1. hey, i have a ton of everyday polaroid stuff, how would i go about getting something up?


    June 3, 2008 at 5:03 pm

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