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sunday: jen

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tabletopprops by jen in highland park

visit jen::

blog | flickr


just a note:

thank you for checking in with everyday polaroid this week. it has been wonderfully quiet here, seeing as this wee space started on a whim, only a week ago.

the thing i like about starting on a whim is seeing how things evolve. perhaps everyday polaroid will be around for a short while. perhaps it will grow into something which hangs around for longer.

right now, there aren’t any hard and fast rules, just that it includes the everyday through a polaroid lense. as expansive as that sounds, it still feels rather small and nice. a little parcel waiting to be opened.

as an introduction this week, i selected contributions from our photo pool each day. after a week in review i can see that there has been a subtle theme; with everyday objects being upright or placed purposefully. i kind of like that.

which brings me to today’s selected photo by jen (aka danske). jen is a professional prop stylist and photographer whose chosen medium is a 680 polaroid. so it is of no surprise that jen will also be our first guest contributor, starting monday. you can read more about jen over at the contributor section which will be continually updated as more folk join in.

i for one, can’t wait for tomorrow.

signing off for the week,



Written by deborah

April 13, 2008 at 7:57 am

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